Camp Our Time: Stuttering, Courage and Respect (Ep. 293)

During today’s episode StutterTalk reports on the amazing work being done at Camp Our Time and then ends with an interview about stuttering and Our Time featuring three teens from the camp.
During the first half of today’s episode, StutterTalk presents the sounds, songs and voices of Camp Our Time and speaks with several of the campers and with Taro Alexander who is the founder and director of Camp Our Time and the Our Time Theatre Company. Our Time is dedicated to children and teens who stutter. Listeners will hear the inspiring and supportive sounds of campers rock climbing and the talented, gifted and supportive sounds of Everett Bradley, musical director, and Carl Danielsen, associate musical director, helping children to turn their musical ideas into songs. StutterTalk also presents the sounds of children writing plays and so much more.

During the second half of today’s show, Peter Reitzes and B Team host and Camp Our Time counselor Caryn Herring (left) sit down and speak with three campers – Miles (age 15), Claire (17; middle) and Chloe (14). We discuss their favorite activities at Camp Our Time, stuttering and acceptance, eye contact, support and so much more. Claire and Chloe discuss being siblings and Chloe, who does not stutter, discusses what she has learned about stuttering and her sister at Camp Our Time. And of course, Peter and Caryn ask Miles and Claire the classic StutterTalk question – Would you take a pill to cure your stuttering? And, as a nice twist, we ask Chloe, Would you take a pill to become a stutterer for one year? This is the first of three episodes StutterTalk is publishing on Camp Our Time.

StutterTalk would like to thank Taro Alexander, Kristine Stolakis, Michelle Summers, Caryn Herring and everyone else at Camp Our Time for the incredible work that they do and for making this episode of StutterTalk possible. Listeners may want to check out this StutterTalk interview with Taro Alexander in which Taro reviews the wonderful film the King’s Speech.