Stuttering and Insurance Reimbursement (Ep. 579)

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Katie Gore MA, CCC-SLP

Katie Gore joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering and insurance reimbursement. Ms. Gore is asked about general health care terms such as co-pays, “case studies” and victories from her private practice in advocating for clients with their insurance companies, peer-to-peer meetings with insurance companies, how people who stutter and parents may consider advocating for themselves, how speech-language pathologists may consider advocating for clients, pre-authorization with insurance companies, the importance of contacting insurance companies with questions before beginning treatment, using pre-tax income to pay for treatment (such as flexible spending accounts), gap exceptions, diagnostic criteria and codes and so much more.

StutterTalk reports with great pride that Katie Gore has advocated so hard for clients that she has actually, on occasion, been informed by insurance companies that she has “maxed out” in the number of letters she is aloud to submit on a client’s behalf. Even so, when this occurs, Katie continues to advocate for her clients by assisting them in writing letters to their insurance companies.

Special thanks to the great Craig Coleman for recommending Katie Gore for today’s topic.

Katie Gore, MA, CCC-SLP is a speech-language pathologist, Director of Speech IRL and co-leader of the City of Chicago’s chapter of the National Stuttering Association. Ms. Gore made a splash last summer with her post The Australian Budget Lidcombe Proposal Debate: A Primer in Memes.