The Future of the National Stuttering Association with Dr. Gerald Maguire (Ep. 578)

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Dr. Gerald Maguire

Dr. Gerald Maguire, the newly elected Chairman of the National Stuttering Association (NSA), joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the future of the NSA and the role and importance of stuttering self help. On the second half of today’s episode, Dr. Maguire is asked a range of questions about the medical treatment of stuttering.

Dr. Maguire said that in his role as Chairman of the NSA, it is important to “Remember our legacy and at the same time grow for the future. Our mission is simple and bold as we move ahead. Which is essentially meeting the needs of the stuttering community today while searching for the enhanced treatments of tomorrow.” 

Dr. Maguire shared that his vision for the future of the NSA includes enhanced fundraising to support the NSA, providing legal counsel to people who stutter related to discrimination, creating a government relations arm and committee, increasing media outreach and funding for stuttering research with a goal of distributing competitive grants in the millions of dollars of range. Dr. Maguire stated that he wants the NSA to “not only be the leading resource for self help, but for education, advocacy and research.”

When asked about finding a balance between “stuttering is okay” and seeking a cure, Dr. Maguire responded, “I like to say that acceptance and searching for treatments do not need to be mutually exclusive. In my other treatments of brain disorders such as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder, the individual with the disorder accepts the condition but they also accept the nature of the treatment for the condition – things that they have to do to lead a more functional life and a better outcome…”

Dr. Gerlald Maguire is the new Chairman of the Board of the National Stuttering Association, Chair of Psychiatry in the University of California’s Riverside School of Medicine and a professor of psychiatry, is the Kirkup Center Chair in Stuttering Treatment and considered by many to be the leading authority on the medical treatment of stuttering.