What Causes Stuttering with Dr. Gerald Maguire from UC Riverside School of Medicine and the Kirkup Center (Ep. 564)

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Gerald Maguire, M.D., DFAPA

Today on StutterTalk we ask Dr. Gerald Maguire what causes stuttering? This is the fourth episode in a series on the cause of stuttering. Dr. Maguire discusses the cause of stuttering while also providing listeners with a research update and much more.

Dr. Maguire is Chair of Psychiatry in the University of California’s, Riverside School of Medicine and a professor of psychiatry. Dr. Maguire is the Kirkup Center Chair in Stuttering Treatment and considered by many to be the leading authority on the medical treatment of stuttering. Jerry is well-published in numerous psychiatric journals. His previous appearances on StutterTalk are archived here.

Dr. Maguire may be contacted via email: gerald.maguire@ucr.edu