What Causes Stuttering with Nina G (Ep. 563)

stuttering, StutterTalk
Nina G, comedian, speaker, author, advocate

What causes stuttering is a question that professionals and others in the stuttering community are frequently called upon to answer. Today on StutterTalk we ask Nina G how she responds when asked this questionThis is the third episode in StutterTalk’s series on what causes stuttering. Nina largely agrees with the first two guests that stuttering “appears to be a problem with neural processing of speech involving genetics.” However, Nina shares her view that we should not be calling stuttering a problem “because a problem indicates that it needs to be changed.”

Nina G is asked to discuss a range of topics including disability rights and stuttering, her term neural diversity, inspirational porn, informed consent, stuttering humor on the Howard Stern show and much more. Nina mentions StutterTalk’s interviews with John Melendez (Stuttering John) and Mel Tillis.

Nina G, is a comedian, speaker, advocate, disability activist, storyteller, counselor and the author of a children’s book, Once Upon An Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities (link). Nina G’s album is Disabled Comedy Only

Nina G was kind enough to provide a transcript of this episode.

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